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She smiled at the kiss. Brought Devang’s hand up to her lips to return it that way. Then just settled there and let Cav sleep for a little while.

"So how’s th’whole… cover up.. stuff goin’. Matt tol’ me that that’s what y’were doin’. Didn’ mean t’make it hard for you."  She still felt guilty in that regard. Even if it wasn’t entirely her fault, she still felt blame being settled on  her shoulders.

"But I had enough people tellin’ me they saw me on th’news that m’not gonna say it ain’t a necessity." 

"Fairly well. I’m pretty good at covering shit up. It’s a little harder given my base of influence is mostly in Millennium—more complete control. But my international influence seems to be just enough to get them to work with me." Devang let her hand linger by brushing fingers against Charlie’s cheeks before retracting the hand. She’s not the best at physical comfort with her work walls up, but she cares. She cares a lot. "Mostly I get to hear a lot of people bitching. Officials like to bitch when life is hard. In the end it works in my favor. Makes people aware that I’m back in the game."

She set her head on her on knee calmly. “Yeah, you kinda made a fuss. I had to get a guy to do some mind altering telecast. Get norm plebs to forget it and replace it with a report about a riot over a football game. Or something. I don’t remember the details. Didn’t care as long as it smoothed hings over.”

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She let him drape herself over her neck and just stayed still, chuckling a little bit at him and reaching over to take one of Devang’s hands to play with. Gently run claws over skin just because. Was a little bit needy for contact.

"He’s smart. He’ll go places."

Trying to keep her voice low enough to not wake him up if he did fall asleep. 

Cav mrred himself into a purr and mumbled ‘grow’ like it was a goodnight before he nodded off. Kitten-kids sleep a lot between pounces.

"He’ll go places alright." She’d agree with that much until he was old enough to have a proper personality. Devang squeezed the hand lightly before relaxing it in Charlie’s grip. Leaning to kiss Charlie’s cheek before Cav’s head. Leaning back upright.

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"I think that’s pretty normal," she said, rolling over onto her side and nudging her nose against one of Cavalu’s feet. Mildly surprised that he could actually say words already.

"…He can talk?"

She still wasn’t up and up on the whole… cat… baby thing. 

"He can make noises." Devang corrected, dry and drawl. "He doesn’t know what the words mean, just how to make them. Loudly if he feels afraid. Or excited." She set her head on a hand while watching.

Cav giggled and fell over. That tickled. Why? Excuse. He was distracted from his feet now. He got up to casually lay across her neck. Because the warms. And maybe an impromptu nap.

"Which just about gets me to piss myself when he’s screaming ‘row’ like he’s the next dragon born over his dirty diaper."

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She didn’t mind the clinging. Returned the purr with one of her own and looked up to Devang when she sat down.

"Yeh. Lil’ bit. How’re y’gettin’ ‘long with ‘im?"

Was a bit curious. Knew that Devang had been worried about the whole baby business. She seemed okay though? Unless it was just surface level.

Devang only ever came off surface level. She still had a lot of shit just bundled up and bricked behind a numbing wall for the whole thing that happened with Charlie and Worth. She always had a delayed reaction to serious things. Get things done and maybe a week or a month later have the break down.

"I’m doing okay, I think. I get anxious sometimes…? Paranoid for him at other times." Anxious she wasn’t doing it right. Paranoid that someone would come and hurt him to get to her. Both not entirely unjustified notions.

Kid let Charlie’s face go. Muttering the word ‘book’ and ‘blue’ while messing with his own feet.

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Oh gOd the child spooked her. She didn’t really budge much from her place on the floor where she’d been trying to get a nap in the sun, but she did sort of twitch back into the present. Looked over at the baby and smiled. Hey you. That there is a Cavalu. 

Which meant Devang was probably not far off. Until she found the two of them though, Charlie kept the baby entertained by wiggling her tail at him. Lookit tail. Boop boop. Did some snuffling at his hair and sort of fussed in the way that she did. Somebody’s a big ol’ predator now. Super scary. 

Darn right he was. He spooked her! Tail. That was a moving thing and it booped him. He was gunna cATch it. Ended up falling over while clinging to it instead. Mouth the frills like a dumb baby. Because he was. Even if he could run and say a couple words without meaning. Mostly he gave a high pitched purr at the hair snuffing and fussing. Hi. Hello. Time to cling to Charlie’s face.

Devang wasn’t far behind. Sitting down by the two of them. “Babies are weird.”

Devang stepped into the place Charlie was at with Cavalu. Set the boy down on his own two feet and let him pad off like a pro. Though it wasn’t long before the kid was on all fours looking for the familiar face. The one that looked like his favorite stuffed lizard.

Knew that face pretty good. And that aura. And that scent. So he was gunna be the best hunter ever and find her. And then make a sloppy pounce. He’s still small. Still a child-kitten. BUT HE MADE THE POUNCE.

Devang was a little slower moving. She’d catch up.

Takes a break with Cavalu. Showing him that the circle block cannot fit in the square hole, but it can go in the round one.

Cav is really excited about this.

She’s not really sure why that’s exciting, but he’s catching on okay.

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((A Munday))


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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them!

Type: INFJs (the Diplomat)

  • Shepherd Book from Firefly
  • Will Graham from Hannibal
  • Karkat Vantas from Homestuck
  • Daenerys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars
  • Dale Horvath from The Walking Dead
  • Phil Coulson from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Bath time

because there’s nothing like answering a skype call from a high level guy while soaked and covered in suds

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[txt] yeah alright good. thanks. i mean id give it back to lucifer but that guy had to auction it off for a reason might not be doing anything but robbing peter to pay paul. least you always had a pretty good head on your shoulders.

*Worth knew about things Devang had done in the past, about how she’d flown off the handle, about how she’d literally had to isolate herself in a desert in order to keep from destroying everything around her or hurting the people she loved, but somehow he didn’t care? His general opinion of her had, and probably always would be, that of someone with a Good Head On Their Shoulders.*

[txt] I don’t think anyone can do well with that thing for long, but I can at least get it into some sort of storage until the matter is settled out.

[txt] while im headed in that direction, anythin needed for the clinic? and the people in it.

[Contacted directly, she seemed to have a slightly different response in her list of priorities. Not due to anything Matt did, probably. It just slipped through the numbing thought patterns enough to adjust her direction. Shift the way the tracks were laid out for her one direction train. She could take five minutes and get back on the clean-up.]